Highland FM applies for IMB Bank Community Grant

Below is an extract from Highland FM’s application to IMB Bank for a Community Grant:

Please provide a brief description of your project.
The purchase, implementation and ongoing use of new, state of the art outdoor broadcasting equipment so that Highland FM 107.1 can attend and promote local community events, while providing studio quality broadcasts including voice and music from the community to its listening audience.

Will your project provide a lasting community asset?
Yes. The impact we expect our project to have in our community is:
The driving concept for community radio stations is to reach out to and provide a voice for the local community. This state of the art outdoor broadcasting equipment will allow Highland FM 107.1 to attend and promote as many community events as possible while delivering quality sound to its radio audience.

What skills and/or knowledge will your project provide?
Highland FM 107.1 volunteers interested in broadcasting will expand their skills and expertise in outdoor broadcasting, interviewing, and in providing top quality radio to the listening audience. They also will expand the station’s involvement and reach into the community, thus establishing more extensive relationships and partnerships with local not for profit organisations and businesses. In turn, these organisations benefit from the promotion that Highland FM 107.1 can give them.

Many thanks to the IMB Bank for giving us the opportunity to apply for this Community Grant.