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Highland FM: Who we are

Highland FM 107.1 Co-operative Limited owns and operates Highland FM 107.1 as a licensed community radio station.

The station’s organising committee was founded in the late 1970s. Highland FM 107.1 launched on air as 2WKT on 3 April 1987.

Highland FM 107.1’s broadcasting philosophy is to mirror our community’s interests, to entertain and inform and to train people in radio skills to present live radio.

Sponsorships, donations, grants and memberships fund the radio station’s operations. With no paid staff, we rely on volunteers to present, operate and manage the station.

Highland FM 107.1 is on air 24 hours a day, seven days a week, playing a wide range of music programs (classical, contemporary, country, jazz, ethnic, indigenous, religious), sport and news, as well as the BBC World Service overnight.

We welcome local non-profit groups with events and activities, seeking community publicity and support.



Board of directors

Nine volunteers of Highland Media Co-operative Limited are elected to the board of directors:

Director/Chairman: Peter Short
Director/Station Manager: Adam Stokeld
Director/Treasurer: Graham Moir
Director: John Watkins
Director: Jenn Biggs
Director: John Stead
Director/Secretary: Carolyn Beaumont
Director: John Hibberd


Highland FM 107.1 Co-operative Limited Annual Report – 30 June 2019

Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice

Policies of Highland Media Co-operative Limited and Highland FM 107.1

The Rules of Highland Media Co-operative Limited

About our Volunteers

The day I read the news on 2SM….

I have been a radio junkie for as long as I can remember. At home when I was just a kid, 60 years ago, we had a radiogram. Remember them?

You could listen to shortwave, the BBC and Voice of America, all before the invention of satellites and coax cable. I would run a wire from the aerial outlet and attach it to a metal fly screen. I used this as my antenna. It worked!

Now today, there are not too many real entertainers left on radio. The so-called shock jocks use their status and sometimes wacky ideas to shock.This is one thing we at Highland FM 107.1 insist on, while on air, you don’t have an opinion. We really think our audience, young or old, can think for themselves and don’t need a shock jock to tell them what they should believe.

Breakfast announcers on most city commercial FM stations are stand-up comedians supplementing their income. This is the joy of community radio. We are just like you. We don’t pretend to be something else. Our aim is to educate and entertain you.

Here is list, in my opinion, of some of the radio people who were/are entertainers or thought-provoking announcers on the ABC and commercial radio:

Arch McCurdie, Alan Toohey, John Laws, Bob Rogers, Gary O’Callaghan and Sammy Sparrow, Mike Walsh, Mad Mel, Tony Murphy, Phil Haldeman, Andrea, Eric Baume, Doug Mulray, and Ward Pally Austin.

There are many more, that I cannot remember. Today we have James Valentine on the ABC. By entertainers I mean announcers who involve their audience.

I gained a fondness for the light classics from 2UW.
As for the news reading on 2SM…I was hanging around their studios when a news reader, Garth something, came out and I chattered to him. He invited me in to ‘read the news’ I was given the script in the news booth and away I went…but not to air. This was some years before the late Jim Angel read the 2SM news.

I hope I have provoked some memories in our senior readers about the good old days of radio. Of course, I have not mentioned the serials in the early evenings, Hop Harrigan, Sea Spray, The Air Adventures of Biggles, Eric Rice Burrows’ Tarzan , the late Leonard Teal voicing Superman and The Search for the Golden Boomerang. And Mrs.’obbs who is still around as is Green Bottle. How Green was my Cactus? Ah, them’s were the days.

If you have a story about these characters or shows, please post them.

As Eric Baume would say…”This I believe.”

Graham Moir
Operations Manager
Highland FM