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Highland FM: Who we are

Highland FM 107.1 Co-operative Limited owns and operates Highland FM 107.1 as a licensed community radio station.

The station’s organising committee was founded in the late 1970s. Highland FM 107.1 launched on air as 2WKT on 3 April 1987.

Highland FM 107.1’s broadcasting philosophy is to mirror our community’s interests, to entertain and inform and to train people in radio skills to present live radio.

Sponsorships, donations, grants and memberships fund the radio station’s operations. With no paid staff, we rely on volunteers to present, operate and manage the station.

Highland FM 107.1 is on air 24 hours a day, seven days a week, playing a wide range of music programs (classical, contemporary, country, jazz, ethnic, indigenous, religious), sport and news, as well as the BBC World Service overnight.

We welcome local non-profit groups with events and activities, seeking community publicity and support.



Board of directors

Nine volunteers of Highland Media Co-operative Limited are elected to the board of directors:

Chairman Peter Short
Treasurer Jayce Flaxman
Secretary Carolyn Beaumont
Director/Station Manager John Hibberd
Director Graham Moir
Director Stephen Richardson
Director John Watkins
Director Jenn Biggs
Director John Stead



Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice

Policies of Highland Media Co-operative Limited and Highland FM 107.1

The Rules of Highland Media Co-operative Limited