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Highland FM 107.1 Co-operative Limited has Deductible Gift Recipient status (CFN 24066).

All donations of more than $2.00 are tax deductible.
You can help with one-off or regular donations:

Highland FM 107.1 Co-operative Ltd,
Bank of Queensland,
BSB: 122-729
Account Number: 21867122


To Receive a Receipt

IMPORTANT: In order to receive a tax receipt, please complete and submit the following form after you have made your donation (please enter the bank transaction number as the reference number):

Make a Bequest

When making a will, we invite you to consider making a bequest to Highland FM 107.1 Co-operative Limited, the licensee of Highland FM 107.1 community radio. Such a bequest would assist our community radio station to continue serving the Southern Highlands and make the Highlands a better entertained and well-informed community.


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If you enjoy the programs here on Highland FM 107.1 you could support the station by going to our GoFundMe pageHighland FM 107.1 Co-operative Limited owns and operates Highland FM 107.1 as a licensed community radio station. Advertisers, donations, grants and memberships fund the station’s operations. With no paid staff, we rely on volunteers to present, operate and manage the station. Support us here: Highland FM 107.1 “Heart Of The Highlands”

GoFundMe is the world’s largest free social fundraising platform and has helped millions raise over $5 billion for the people and causes they care about.