The Artists of the Round Yard Inc. (ARY) are a group of painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers, and jewellery makers, based at Retford Park. Their latest exhibition is ‘Artful Disposition’ will run from 2nd November to 10th December, will be a celebration of art and style. They will restyle the White Cottage Gallery, exhibiting our artworks within a setting of delightful furnishings, reminiscent of the recent past, as our tribute to the legacy of the late James Fairfax. The exhibition features a number of artists, including Brock Sykes, Helen Oprey, Jules van de Sande, Leanne Booth, Mark Kelly, Robyn Rumpf, Slavica Zivkovic, Sonja Millis, Sue Wallace, Toni Warburton, Tracy Hopkirk. The exhibition space is open Thursday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm each week.