Advertising on Highland FM works so here`s your chance to let our listeners know about your business and services at competitive rates.

As an advertiser you become a community partner and we will work with you to build your business.

Advertising provides a major source of funding for Highland FM 107.1 and helps us to help others through community service.

Highland FM 107.1 is the only available 24-hour live and local broadcasting service in the Southern Highlands.

As community radio is volunteer based, our operational costs are much lower than commercial stations and these savings are passed on to our advertisers. Check out our cost effective rates below.

The benefits of advertising on Highland FM 107.1 are:

  • Your advertisement will be heard from Campbelltown to Marulan.
  • Your advertisement will also be heard online via iHeart radio broadcasting to an Australia-wide audience.
  • Your advertisement will stream via the Highland FM Website.
  • Your advertisement will receive greater air time exposure, with only five minutes of advertising every hour.
  • Your advertisement will be professionally managed from script to production. We use a professional production agency to write and voice your message. This is a free service.
  • Receive cost-effective broadcast rates.
  • $10.00 for a 30-second announcement.
  • Minimum advertising package of seven broadcasts per week for five weeks (35 broadcasts over five weeks). $350.00. Price excludes GST.
  • Standard advertising package of seven broadcasts per week for 13 weeks (91 broadcasts over 13 weeks). $910.00. Price excludes GST.
  • Your business will be listed and promoted on the Highland FM 107.1 Webpage.

Radio promotional packages can be tailored to suit your budget.
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