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Bite Sized Radio Plays

Bite Sized Radio Plays, written and directed by award winning playwright and Highland FM presenter Robyn Karakasch are now available as podcasts on this page.

Robyn specialises in short plays and has written a series of Bite Sized Radio Plays exclusively for Highland FM 107.1. The audio dramas, recorded in our studios, are in a variety of genres and are between five and 15 minutes duration. Talent is sourced from our local thespian community and include Highland FM presenters.

You can hear Robyn’s plays on her radio programs, Double Delights and Music from the Movies, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and at various times throughout the week on Highland FM 107.1.

Enjoy the on demand listening experience of Bite Sized audio theatre.

Bite Sized Radio Plays: Elevator Up

In this lighthearted Radio Play, three strangers board a fancy glass elevator and expect to ride to Level One together. However, when the doors close, the elevator doesn’t move and the three strangers find that none of the usual lift buttons respond.The Emergency Control Button isn’t operating either. Stranded, they then have to cope with this emergency the best way they can, with amusing results. Beware, there’s a twist in the story that no one will expect! Elevator Up stars our very own Highland FM presenters Peter Short as Felix, Carol Adamson as Diane and Bob is performed by Geoff Denis. Run time 6:55 minutes.

Bite Sized Radio Plays – Elevator Up

Bite Sized Radio Plays – Elevator Up

Bite Sized Radio Plays: Goldy Locks and the Detectives

This lighthearted play revisits one of the classic fairy tale characters, the blonde-headed Goldilocks. However, with a modern day emphasis this play suggests that perhaps there is more to the character of Goldilocks than has previously been suspected. Two detectives, Detective Charming and Detective Darling, are attempting to interview Goldilocks about her recent behaviour and the results are very surprising. The cast includes Highland FM presenters Peta Peter as Goldilocks, Russ Whitmarsh as Detective Darling and Detetective Charming is performed by Richard Halliday. Run time: 6:56

Bite Sized Radio Plays – Goldilocks & The Detectives

Bite Sized Radio Plays: Getting Fit

The setting for this light hearted play, is a Fitness Studio. It is staffed with a very helpful Fitness Instructor named Sam, who finds his two new customers quite challenging and his enthusiasm is sorely tested. The new recruits, Fred and John, are older-aged gentlemen who are visiting the Studio for the first time, wanting to improve their fitness. However, their level of fitness is very low and this causes lots of difficulties during their session. The cast includes three HFM Presenters, Sam is played by Daz Emerson, Fred is played by Brian Haydon and John is played by Roger Bailey. Run time: 5.19

Bite Sized Radio Play-Getting Fit

Bite Sized Radio Plays: Knife Edges

The kitchen is the setting for this light hearted Radio Play, where three knives are tough members of a respected Cutting Gang, renowned for their ability to slice up all sorts of food. They are discussing the problem they have about maintaining their tough-like reputation, because some members of their gang are just not keeping up with their standards. The cast includes Highland FM presenters Steve Quirke, Frank Conroy and Lynn Cattell. Run Time 5:31.

Bite Size Radio Plays-Knife Edges

Bite Sized Radio Plays: Give Peas a Chance

This is a pun-filled play is sure to tickle your sense of humour. It is set inside a bookstore where the owner is interviewing a brother and sister on the launch of their latest book about their famous and infamous family members. The interview is filled with puns, that suggest many silly double meanings, all meant to give a chuckle and a giggle and sure to change your opinions about the humble green pea. The cast includes Highland FM presenters Peter Short as Bill, JenX as Sweet Pea and Adam as Easy Peasy. Run time 5:41.

Bite Sized Radio Plays-Give Peas A Chance

Bite Sized Radio Plays: The Games People Play

Bingo players will love this one. A busy community club is the setting for this radio play where people are gathered ready to participate in their weekly game of Bingo.The play features a Bingo Caller who is delivering all the traditional calls expected in a Bingo game. At the same time, two ladies who are taking part in the game, are finding it difficult to have a conversation. Filled with laugh-a-minute overlapping conversations, it builds to an unexpected climax. The cast includes Carol Adamson as Fay, Carmen Moran as Jane and Jock Bidwell as Bingo Bazza. Run time 7:11.

Bite Sized Radio Plays-The Games People Play

Bite Sized Radio Plays: Signs of Silliness

The setting for this light-hearted radio play is inside an advertising agency office where it is the job of the salesman to create signs and slogans to match the needs of his clients. However, this particular sales man is rather too enthusiastic about his creations and rather too eager to share his slogans.When two prospective customers arrive, they find the conversation is dominated by the salesman and they find it difficult to intervene. The cast includes the salesman played by Rob Landsbury, cleaner number 1 played by Geoff Dennis and cleaner number 2 played by Lea Steed. Run time 5:30.

Bite Sized Radio Plays-Signs Of Silliness

Bite Sized Radio Plays: Cranky Cooks

This Bite-Sized Radio Play features two cooks who can only be described as cranky. A keen food photographer arrives at their Cafe with the task of organising a Photo Shoot to promote the Cafe’s Breakfast Menu. She is met with much volatility from the two cranky cooks that the success of her endeavours becomes very limited.The cast includes a Food Photographer played by Peta Peter, Cook 1 played by Ian Holland and Cook 2 played by Russ Whitmarsh. Run time 5:13.

Bite Sized Radio Plays – Cranky Cooks

Bite Sized Radio Plays – Cranky Cooks

Bite Sized Radio Plays: Brain Pathways

This play has a light-hearted focus on two unsupportive characters – the critical brainwaves that live inside Sally’s head called BP1 and BP2. We hear their overlapping comments about Sally’s fraught lifestyle and the medications she uses that should cure her health problems, but actually cause her some silly side effects. It’s a rollicking story that intertwines Sally’s attempts to solve her health issues with her attempts to learn how to play a ukulele. Sally is played by Ann Poppelwell. BP1 is played by Sue Ruffel, and BP2 is played by Katie Locke. Run time 13:25.

Bite Sized Radio Plays – Brain Pathways

Bite Sized Radio Plays – Brain Pathways

Bite Sized Radio Plays: Better Burglars

Robyn launched Bite Sized Radio Plays to coincide with Highland FM’s Kind Hearts Campaign. In this first bite sized delight, two experienced burglars tell the story of how they met and how their lives changed to a kinder way of living. Robyn recruited Mark Smith for the role of Burglar Bill and Michaela Bolzan for the role of Burglar Bessie. Interviewer Mary Mayberry, played by Daina Heatley, sits down with these married burglars to find out how they turned their lives around and spread kindness through the community. Run time 14:24.

Bite Sized Radio Plays – Better Burglars

Bite Sized Radio Plays – Better Burglars

This podcast was made possible with support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation.  Find out more at cbf.org.au.