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“Live” At Welby Garden Centre

“Well even Welby Garden Centre has a Morris Minor”

HFM Presenter Tim Lancaster speaking with Daisy.

HFM presenter Carman Moran, with her half of Morris Minor and Rexi the “Rescue Dog”

Well it was fine and sunny, but “WINDY” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This did not stop a brave bunch of presenters being on hand to help with the OB at the charity run Welby Garden Centre gala day.

John H, Tim and Adam set the OB gear up for live crosses to the studio where Carol interviewed many guests. One of them was Melissa, a new recruit to the station who happens to be a horticulturalist.

This went well as did the many other crosses. Carmen, along with her other half, Don, was there taking photos for our website.

Marianne from the gardening program on the CRN, which the station plays, was also there. Carol interviewed her. Marianne also interviewed the Bee Man. As well as already having been broadcast on Highland FM, it will also be run on Marianne’s CRN program ” Real World Gardener” for the CBAA.


Rocket is her snail entered into the snail race.

Rocket failed to live up to its name coming in second last with only Dot behind it.

The track was wet and slow. After a lethargic start the pace didn’t improve.

The race was won by #2, Freddie when he slipped silently past #3 who had led for much of the race.

Freddie’s owner, Alicia expressed much joy at the success of her recently acquired snail.

Freddie was sired by Prince Frederick out of Escargot.