Oh What A Night!

Oh, what a night!

From the time the show started at 3pm it was clear the crowd was ready to party, and they joined in, singing and dancing along with the performing artists. FireAid 2020 was a monumental success. With over 6000 tickets sold, the huge crowd blanketed the hill, all proceeds from the event which included ticket sales, food, beverage and merchandising going toward the Mayoral Bushfire Appeal. We feel very proud that Highland FM 107.107.1’s promotion of the event greatly assisted in drawing such large numbers. Those of us from Highland FM 107.1 who attended were caught up in the atmosphere and had a great time.

HFM media rep Jayce Flaxman conducted interviews with many of the artists including a special interview with HFM broadcast and program manager Warren Barnett and his old friends Leo Sayer and Glen A Baker while HFM O.B manager Tim Lancaster was busy with live crosses to the studio.

Thank you to everyone at Highland FM 107.1 for your support in the promotion of the event. A special thank you to the HFM staff who gave up so much of their time recording interviews and their enthusiastic behind the scenes effort. The Mayoral Bushfire Appeal is ongoing, and it is heart-warming that Highland FM 107.1 is able to contribute so strongly to the fundraising effort in support of our community.

Adam Stokeld

Station Manager