The team at Highland FM 107.1 are excited to provide a multi-platform listening experience for our audience. Several podcast series are brewing, and as they are released they will be available here!

Bite Sized Radio Plays

Highland FM presenter Robyn Karakasch is a woman of many talents. When she’s not presenting one of her weekly radio shows, she is running acting workshops and writing and directing plays! Robyn specialises in short plays, and she is now writing bite sized delights specifically for the radio waves. The plays will cover a variety of themes, and there will be something for everyone! Robyn will be bringing together a cast of characters to bring her plays to life, recruiting locals with experience in acting and drama and working with our own resident sound engineer Warren Barnett, who will applying his genius to polishing up the final production.

The plays are recorded in Highland FM’s new Studio 2, and Robyn will usually share her plays on one of her shows, Double Delights and Music from the Movies. The plays will also be shared here for listeners to stream anytime. The plays are between ten and fifteen minutes in length, so they are indeed a perfect little sweet treat for those rare times you might find yourself free during your otherwise busy day.

Play #1: Better Burglars

Robyn launched Bite Sized Radio Plays to coincide with Highland FM’s Kind Hearts Campaign. In this first bite sized delight, two experienced burglars tell the story of how they met and how their lives changed to a kinder way of living. Robyn recruited Mark Smith for the role of Burglar Bill and Michaela Bolzan for the role of Burglar Bessie. Interviewer May Mayberry, played by Daina Heatley, sits down with these married burglars to find out how they turned their lives around and spread kindness through the community.

Bite Sized Radio Plays – Better Burglars

Bite Sized Radio Plays – Better Burglars