Magical Mystery Tour

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Ivan Harris, James Thomas, Steve T, Nigel Paul

Classic rock and pop, hosted in turn by (clockwise from left) Ivan Harris, James Thomas, Steve T and Nigel Paul.

Four ‘baby boomers’ who take it in turn weekly to play their favourite classic rock and pop music.

Ivan Harris tries to find lesser known tracks that you may not have heard for a long time.

James Thomas reckons he’s part of the Highland FM furniture.

Steve T spent the mid 70’s through to the mid 80’s being a full time DJ around the Sydney night club scene and experienced the evolution of many different styles of music. Which explains why the music he plays is all over the shop. He like it loud, new with a cool vibe, a driving beat and soulful.

Nigel Paul favours himself as the ‘rocker’ of the group.

The Magical Mystery Tour team are great mates and love to play what you will not hear on commercial radio.


  • Sunday - 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


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