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Sponsor opportunities

As a community station, Highland FM 107.1 receives limited grants of government funding. Therefore, we have also to rely on funding from the community in the form of business sponsorships, as well as membership subscriptions and donations. Your contributions support the maintenance and  broadcasting of Highland FM 107.1 and enhance the level of service we provide.

Because community radio is volunteer based, our operational costs are lower than for commercial stations. This translates to dramatic savings for sponsors looking for a long-term commitment to their businesses, their brands, their customers and the community that buys their goods and services.

We broadcast a maximum of four minutes of sponsors’ announcements each hour, which means no clutter. And there’s no need to worry about how to create your announcement – a professional production agency will write and voice your message.

A Highland FM 107.1 advertiser…

Reaches an average 15,000 listeners a week from Campbelltown to Goulburn* and your advert can be heard online anywhere in the world

Receives good ‘air time’ for your advert. There is only four minutes of advertising per hour

Receives more promotion from our broadcasters and is listed on our website and Facebook page

Can have free scripting and production of your advert by a professional production agency

Receives very cost-effective broadcast rates:

  • $9.00 for a 30-second announcement. 91 broadcasts over 13 weeks.
  • $819** (13-week minimum contract of 7 broadcasts per week)

Talk to Director Graham Moir – 0428 248 409 or

* McNair Ingenuity Research. 2017 data from the Community Broadcasting Association Australia for community radio stations in the NSW non-metropolitan area

** 13-week minimum contract of 7 broadcasts per week)

About Us

  • Operating since launch in 1987 (call sign 2WKT)
  • Mirrors community interest, entertains, informs, trains volunteers
  • Supports local non profits. Promotes them through free CSAs (community service announcements)
  • On air 24/7. Wide-ranging musical genres. Sport, news, local interviews. BBC World Service overnight
  • Community funded by sponsorships, member subscriptions and donations<
  • No paid staff. Volunteers run the station
  • Advertisers are known as Sponsors supporting this community station
  • Licensed community radio station owned and operated by Highland FM 107.1 Co-operative Limited
  • Nine volunteers on Board of Directors. Chairman Peter Short, Station Manager John Hibberd.