Highland FM 107.1 Co-operative Limited owns and operates Highland FM and is located in the Southern Highlands of NSW. The Station’s organising committee was founded in the late 1970s and Highland FM 107.1 launched on air as 2WKT on 3 April 1987.

Highland FM`s listening audience reaches from Campbelltown in the north to Marulan in the south. Live programs commence daily from 6.30am and conclude at 10pm seven days per week.

Our programs offer diverse music genres (rock, RnB, soul, classical, jazz, indie, dance, blues, country, reggae, folk, indigenous and Christian) along with sports and news. We strive to maintain our relevance and mirror the demographic breakdown of our community and the wider audience.

Highland FM launched on the iHeart radio national streaming platform in March 2020. This has extended the reach of our listening audience and also adding value for our advertiser/ sponsors. The exposure to a national audience also supports regional tourism (and therefore regional employment) in the area.

The live streaming functionality on the Highland FM webpage reaches both a national and international audience.

Highland FM has 104 volunteer members which include 39 presenters and co-presenters. There is a Board of Directors comprising the Chairman and eight Directors who meet biannually. The Management Team runs the day to day operations of Highland FM and comprises the Station Manager/Marketing, Operations Manager, Production Manager, Training Manager, IT/Outside Broadcast Manager.

All members of the Co-operative are drawn from the local community of the Southern Highlands.

Our Mission

Highland FM 107.1 is an all-volunteer, Southern Highlands based community radio station which provides a non-commercial platform for unique, locally produced programming that is reflective of the diverse talents and interests of our broadcasters and listeners. Highland FM aims to entertain, inspire and enrich listeners through an eclectic mix of musical, cultural, educational and informative programming.

Through radio excellence we have created a unique community resource, one that promotes connections and fosters a sense of belonging by:

  • facilitating the sharing of information and wisdom
  • enhancing community dialogue; a forum for many voices
  • providing a social media platform to make us accessible to a broader media audience
  • encouraging individual and artistic expression
  • creating an awareness of local interests, views and cultures
  • providing a vehicle for collaborative problem-solving on social and commercial issues that impact our community 
  • providing an educational track for students and adult volunteers to learn broadcast presentation and related skills
  • seeking feedback to best present what the community wants
  • striving to make our community a better, healthier, more pleasant place to be through community service
  • endeavouring to maintain high visibility and engagement with the community
  • maintaining a high quality and sustainable technical infrastructure
  • having high level governance and management processes to secure the station’s future
  • having the financial capacity to invest in infrastructure that will ensure the station’s growth

Finally, we value our volunteers who embrace our vision and work in the spirit of co-operation to achieve our goals.