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    Artist of the Month: Mariah K

    Our 100% Home-Grown Artist Of The Month is Southern Tablelands’ melodic enchantress, Mariah K.

    Highland FM 107.1 is turning up the pop vibes with the europhoric pulse of Mariah K’s latest single ‘Fire Up’, the celestrial imagery of ‘Elada’ and the high energy dance anthem, ‘4am’, all designed to make bodies move.

    From Crookwell NSW, singer/songwriter Mariah K, inherited her enchanting singing, poetic expressions and passion for music from her Greek grandmother. Her Mediterranean roots are the inspiration for Mariah K to craft music rich in lively storytelling and soulful melodies.

    In 2021, Mariah K unveiled her first album, ‘Journey.’ The standout track, ‘Elada’, gained worldwide acclaim, notably receiving radio airtime in Crete and Melbourne. In 2023, her intimate performance of ‘Elada’ at Smith’s Alternative, featuring Canberra’s bouzouki virtuoso Stratos Gianakakis, transported the lively spirit of Greece to the heart of the city.

    Mariah K’s journey took an unexpected turn when she caught the attention of Kyle Sandilands during his surprise visit to her family cafe in Crookwell. This lead to an invitation to participate in Australian Idol 2023.

    Expanding on her achievements, Mariah K recently dropped the single ‘Fire Up’, produced by Ingrid Oram. The track exudes the lively atmosphere of a summer party, solidifying Mariah K’s music as synonymous with brightening gatherings and infusing joy and light into celebrations.

    Excited to explore the limitless world of music, Mariah K has a future without boundaries. Her talent, enthusiasm and dedication will no doubt ensure her success.

    Highland FM 107.1 is delighted to present Mariah K’s pop enchantment as a key part of our 100% Home-Grown lineup. Immerse yourself in a sonic experience that fuses catchy beats and heartfelt tunes, bringing the vibrant spirit of local talent to radio.


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    Mariah K – 4.00am

    Mariah K – Angel

    Mariah K – Elada

    Mariah K – Fire Up

    Mariah K – Journey

    Mariah K – Real Love

    Mariah K – Right About That

    Mariah K – Valentino

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