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    Artist of the Month: Jodi Phillis

    100% Home-Grown Artist Of The Month is South Coast based singer/ songwriter, composer and artist, Jodi Phillis. Throughout the month, Highland FM 107.1 will showcase  a selection of Jodi’s stunning singles, including “Little Child” and “You are loved”, from her sixth and latest solo album “We Need To Be Free.” 

    Adam will introduce and chat to Jodi on Highland FM’s award winning 100% Home-Grown program on Saturday 6th August between 5-7pm.  Her music will be featured on the program and throughout the month on Highland FM 107.1

    Jodi Phillis is an Australian award winning, multi-Aria nominated singer, songwriter, composer and artist who started out in the early 90’s with alt-rock band, The Clouds. The band earned a gold record for debut album Penny Century and went on to achieve a global following.  

    Jodi has released five critically acclaimed solo albums , with her sixth on the way and spearheaded niche musical groups The Dearhunters, Roger Loves Betty and The Glamma Rays, influencing countless budding musicians along the way.  

    With a fine ear, adept at crafting beguiling melodies and harmonies and deeply personal, sometimes mystical lyrics, Jodi follows her genre-defying muse wherever she leads. 

     In 2013, Jodi graduated from AFTRS with a screen music degree and has gone on to compose music for film, tv and the stage. 

    She has been the recipient of numerous arts grants, most recently Create NSW has in part funded her sixth solo album ‘We Need To Be Free’ out now through Melbourne based Cheersquad Records,.  

    Award winning composer Damien Lane has created a deeply enigmatic soundscape to underscore Jodi’s classic songwriting and unmistakeable voice. With hints of chamber folk, warped psychedelia and melancholy pop, Jodi’s mellifluous vocals shine, front and centre.  

    Expressing themes of transformation through pain and loss, universal and cosmic themes of love and transcendence and deeply human stories tracking her own internal journey, Jodi has created arguably her strongest work yet. 

    The WE NEED TO BE FREE Album Launch Tour kicks off in August.

    Details here:

    “harmonies so delectable they would make David Cosby salivate” – Deb Pelser, Backseat Mafia 2022 

    “feels like danger in slow motion.” – Rhythms Magazine 2022 

    “Phillis is one of Australia’s vital singer songwriters.” – Brian Parker, Your Music Radar 2018 

    “Phillis writes with such authority that we go with her vision wherever it may lead.” – John Hardaker, Orange Press 2010 

    “Phillis is an underrated national treasure” – Kelsey Munro, Rolling Stone 2001

    Listen to Jodi Phillis on 100% Home-Grown

    Adam chats to our August Artist of the Month, Jodi Phillis.

    Interview with Jodi Phillis on 100% Home-Grown

    Music Releases

    Jodi Phillis – You Are Loved

    Jodi Phillis – We Need to Be Free

    Jodi Phillis – Visions Of You

    Jodi Phillis – Truth And The Way

    Jodi Phillis – The Change

    Jodi Phillis – The Beast

    Jodi Phillis – Summer of Fires

    Jodi Phillis – Song for Georgia (Ghost Ranch Mix)

    Jodi Phillis – Silver Stars

    Jodi Phillis – Mamma Told Me A Secret

    Jodi Phillis – Little Child

    Jodi Phillis – It’s Not Love

    Jodi Phillis – Inner Sky

    Jodi Phillis – Hudson Dreaming 1

    Jodi Phillis – Becoming

    Promo Videos

    You Are Loved

    It’s Not Love

    Silver Stars


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    As featured on 100% Home-Grown, Michael Simic, Regional Music Officer, MusicNSW chats with Adam Stokeld about Highland FM’s Artist of the Month Initiative.  Click on the tab below to hear the full interview.

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