Recorded Live in the Highland FM Studios

Meet Floss and Lou, devoted nature enthusiasts of the Southern Highlands.

EP 10, May 2024 – “BEFUDDLED”

In this episode of “Going Wild in the Highlands,” Floss embarks on a wild adventure through the paddock, possibly stumbling upon some befuddled emus while Lou’s week seems to evaporate into thin air. Despite the challenges, they both gather priceless experiences.

Speaking of emus, let’s dive into their quirky antics and role in our ecosystem. But wait, there’s more! The girls also slip into the riveting world of leeches…yes, those slimy suckers and of course, they sprinkle in a dash of practical advice on managing phytophthora, the sneaky culprit behind our dwindling cypresses.

EP 9.5, April 2024 – “DON’T EAT THE FUNGI!!”

Curious about what insects are up to as it gets colder? Floss and Lou provide insights. 

Join them as they embark on a fungi-finding adventure, snap photos, study local herons and discover who’s laying eggs in your garden.

EP 9, April 2024 – “A Bird, a Bee and the Rainforest”

Floss and Lou visit Roberson Rainforest.  They discover some rainforest secrets and Lou inadvertently collects an unexpected guest!  They also meet a very special group of budding local naturalists.  

EP 8.5, March 2024 – “As Summer Slips Away”

Teenagers being kicked out of home, gangs of youths developing,  brand management for insects…it all somehow makes an appearance in this episode.  

EP 8, March 2024 – “Breaking News!”

Floss and Lou announce breaking news, get a lesson about caring for injured wildlife, and go gaga over Gang Gangs.

EP 7.5, February 2024 – “The World’s Best Kept Secret”

Don’t know your Currawong from your Magpie? Don’t know a Myna from a Miner? What’s the difference between a butterfly and a moth? Floss and Lou have it all sorted…or do they?

EP 7, February 2024 – “Who put the scribbles on the Scribbly Gum? ”

Who put the scribbles on the scribbly gum?  One of the great mysteries of Australian life – solved by Floss and Lou!   

As well, the girls visit a winery, Lou saves a life and they both play possum.

EP 6.5, January 2024 – “Fascinating! Well done Floss!”

The girls venture out in search of the best Highlands spots to cool your heels in summer. Floss worries about Bell Miners encroaching on her garden, Lou surveys swifts and much more

EP 6, January 2024 – “The Bonobos of the Insect World”

Floss and Lou embarked on a backyard expedition and were amazed by what they discover. Lou, the backyard guru, spills the beans on the hydration woes of keeping the garden watered while away and enjoying the summer.  

EP 5.5, December 2023 – “Chrissy Special”

Christmas bush, Christmas beetles, Christmas prezzies, mistletoe and a whole lot more – we’ve got Christmas in the Highlands covered. 

EP 5, December 2023 – “In defence of Flies”

The girls engage in lively discussions about blue tongue lizards, explore the surprising perks of flies and Lou keeps us posted on her intriguing pursuit of the elusive Highlands Cypress Killer. 

EP 4.5, November 2023 – “Platypus”

Floss and Lou discuss platypuses, share gossip about the Jezabels and get some unexpected assistance with pruning from a flock of Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoos.

EP 4, November 2023 – “THEY ALWAYS DO IT AT NIGHT”

Get ready for thrilling escapades as the gals chase after rakali, unravel the secrets of funnel-web spider romance, venture into the mysterious world of turtle nests and contend with the antics of a lovelorn pigeon and so much more.


Join Floss and Lou for a surprise episode filled with fascinating topics. In this bonus podcast, they explore seasonal visitors, delve into rodenticides, record the sounds of highlands frogs and even contemplate the unique delicacy of bogong moth pie

EP 3, OCTOBER 2023 – “Koala-la-la”

In this Going Wild in the Highlands Podcast, the gals dive into koala karaoke, venture into an after-dark search party, discover bushfire home protection and discuss the exciting springtime happenings in the Southern Highlands.

With a whirlwind of events, don’t miss out…tune in and ‘go wild’ in the Highlands!


In this episode of the “Going Wild” podcast, Floss and Lou embark on an adventure to Jellore Flora Reserve. There, they explore the intriguing realm of birds’ nests, hunt for the freshest spring blossoms and tune in to the calls of returning migratory birds. Additionally, they provide insights into captivating upcoming nature events for this month.


In this podcast, join Floss and Lou as they delve into the ideal dog walking spots within the region, unravel the mysteries surrounding our cypresses, explore the fascinating realm of echidna trains and embark on a journey through a plethora of captivating topics.

Stay tuned for an enriching experience!

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