Recorded Live in the Highland FM Studios

Ross Webb and The Rusted Track

Ross Webb talks to Lea Steed about his musical journey inspired by his mates, from when a friend first invited him on stage and the Southern Highlands locals who form his band The Rusted Track.

Ross Webb talks to Lea Steed live in Highland FM Studios.

Greg Powell

Greg shares an honest recollection of his life experiences which is the inspiration for his music. 

His journey has been carefully crafted into two new albums, Recovery Road and together with Steve Lindsay, Oceanic Records, the second album, Collaboration.

Greg shares the story of his journey and music with Adam and Russ, live in the Highland FM Studios.

Dan Challis

“South-coast singer/songwriter Dan Challis melds lyrically-driven acoustic folk music, with a storytelling focus.

His songs centre on the lived-experience and befit his troubadour ethos; living out the very life he tells stories about through his music.”

Dan Challis talks candidly with Adam and Stan live in the Highland FM Studios

Mahalia Barnes

Mahalia Barnes talks to Adam on Highland FM 107.1 regarding the challenges that face the Australian music and entertainment industry during Covid-19 and her endeavours to help bring live music back to the Southern Highlands.

Listen Now: Mahalia Barnes on Lyrics@Lunch

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