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Welcome to 100% Home-grown, a page dedicated to giving a voice to the rich diversity of contemporary Australian musicians and songwriters.

Local song makers help tell our stories, contribute to our culture and give voice to our communities. That’s why we’re kicking off our new 100% Home-grown feature artist of the month series.

Every four weeks Highland FM will feature a local artist selected from the MusicNSW playlist for our region. You can hear the artist’s live interviews, performances and recorded music on Highland FM 107.1 commencing on the second Saturday of each month on Lea Steed’s 100% Home-grown program (every Saturday between 5pm and 7pm).

If you like what you hear, you can discover more about our feature artist on this page, find out how they got into music, what makes them tick, watch clips and listen to their latest releases on demand. 

To hear more local artists, go to MusicNSW Spotify playlist for our region, or check out Southern Tablelands Arts.

Artist of the Month on 100% Home-Grown

Read more about Highland FM’s featured Artist of the Month in Southern Highland News.

Artist of the Month

Highland FM’s current 100% Home-grown featured artist is Isy Cappo.

Isy Cappo has been bubbling under in the Australian music scene for the past two years and is beginning to grab the attention of a national audience. Refusing to be bound by the expectations of others, she is building a reputation as an artist that can navigate the waters of diverse genres like a seasoned professional.

Based out of Goulburn, still only 16 years old and inspired by artists such as Adele, Paramore and Jessie J, it is clear from her five singles to date that she is a woman on the cusp of commercial success.

Featuring on Triple J Unearthed and Atomic Radio, Isy is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter whose voice soars effortlessly above her own original compositions. Powerful, emotional and addictive, her lyrics display a connection to her own truths and the sassiness of her peers. With over 100,000 plays on Spotify in and incredibly short space of time, it is clear that her music is resonating with an ever-growing audience.

There’s no way she’s 16 with that big of a voice.

Studio Talk USA

Her pop sensibilities are underscored by the joy of making music and a dedication to create tracks that can speak to everyone. From straight out rock to raw emotional ballads, she pivots from one genre to another with an unerring sense of confidence that speaks to her true talents as an artist.

Responsible for every part of the creative process, from writing her own lyrics, creating her own musical accompaniment and directing her music video recordings, Isy Cappo weaves complex harmonies and melodies with a narrative that only the dreams of youth can inspire. An old soul in a young mind, and painting sonic landscapes of a world unimagined, the power of her voice is a gift the keeps on giving.

As the continues to release music at a frenetic pace, the future is safe in Isy’s hands and her journey is only just beginning. Join her on her travels and discover just what the future sounds like.

A remarkably gifted 16 year old singer/songwriter.

Michael Simic

Isy’s Achievements and Milestones

  • 100k streams on Spotify alone
  • Five singles released on all music streaming platforms
  • All five singles ranking in the top 20 ‘Atomic Radio Countdown’
  • First Place Winner of ‘Southern Highlands Youth Record & Youth Music/Video Deal’
  • WIN News Canberra Segment on “Festival of Place”
  • Support act in ‘Great Southern Nights’ (Canberra Blues Society)
  • Backing vocalist on Michael Simic’s latest album, ‘Caravan Songs’
  • Third Place in Voyager AU & International Singer/Songwriter Competition
  • Top 10 in ISC (International Singing Competition) Unsigned Only
  • 10 magazine & the music.com.au ‘Honourable Mention’
  • Goondwana 2019 – Soprano singer in the Australian Choir

Music Releases

Isy Cappo’s upcoming single “Rebound Girl” is fresh, rambunctious, boppy track. Rebound Girl is definitely an “I’ve had enough” girl powered anthem. It is out now on all streaming platforms.

Isy Cappo Rebound Girl Isy Cappo – Rebound Girl

Isy Cappo – Rebound Girl

You can also stream some of Isy’s other music below.

Isy Cappo – Always Her

Isy Cappo – Always Her

Isy Cappo – Peach Tree

Isy Cappo – Peach Tree

Isy Cappo – Without An Echo

Isy Cappo – Without An Echo

Iso Cappo – Spark

Iso Cappo – Spark

Isy Cappo – Done

Isy Cappo – Done

For more information about Isy, including her social media links, head here.


Isy Cappo talks to Adam Stokeld and Richard Halliday about her career and her love of writing and recording music. She also talks about the inspiration behind her new hit single “Rebound Girl”.

This is a poignant and interesting interview and gives an insight into the amazing talents of Isy Cappo.

Click on the tab below to hear the full interview, as recorded on Highland FM’s 100% Home-grown program on Saturday 11 September, 2021.

Isy Cappo on 100% Home-grown

Listen to Michael Simic on 100% Home-grown

As featured on 100% Home-grown on Saturday 11 September, Michael Simic, Regional Music Officer, MusicNSW chats with Adam Stokeld and Richard Halliday about Highland FM’s new Artist of the Month Initiative.  

Michael also chats about Isy Cappo, the first featured Artist of the Month, her new hit single, “Rebound Girl” and highly praises her other latest releases. Isy also provided backing vocals on Michael’s latest album, “Caravan Songs”.

Click on the tab below to hear the full interview.

Michael Simic on 100% Home-grown

MusicNSW, Southern Tablelands Arts and Southern Highland News are working with Highland FM to give a voice to our local musicians and songwriters.

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