Artist of the Month: Annabel Wouters

Throughout April, Highland FM 107.1 will spotlight Annabel Wouters‘ timeless melodies, featuring the technical brilliance of Ian Clarke’s ‘Zoom Tube’, the emotive duet in Mozart’s composition, ‘The Birdcatcher’ and the breathy serenade of Roland Chadwick’s ‘Hysterical Penguins’, all recorded in the Studios of Highland FM.

Step into the world of one of Australia’s most promising young flautists by experiencing the captivating music of Annabel Wouters. 

Overflowing with sparkling charm and youthful energy, Annabel, at the age of 16, commands attention as a versatile orchestral player, chamber musician and soloist. Additionally, Annabel’s achievements extend beyond the realm of flute performance, as she holds a Diploma in piano with Honors and demonstrates remarkable skill as a gifted composer.

This year, she is embarking on two international tours with ensembles from the esteemed Wollongong Conservatorium, alluring audiences in Indonesia and the United States.

Having been featured as a standout young artist in Inspire Music Australia’s, Emerging Concert Artist Series since 2022, Annabel exemplifies the programme’s mission of nurturing the next generation of artistic excellence.

Infusing her performances with youthful vigor, Annabel showcases her virtuosity through enchanting melodies, earning her a place among national orchestras and achieving top honors in the most challenging examinations. In 2023, her musical prowess was further recognised when she clinched the prestigious Wollongong Conservatorium Concerto Competition, alongside the accomplished collaborative pianist and educator, Lisa Baraldi.

Acknowledged for her outstanding achievements, Annabel was awarded a Distinction for her Associate Diploma in flute performance in 2023, where her mature presentation and impeccable technical prowess left an indelible mark. Praised for her ability to navigate diverse musical styles with finesse and expressiveness, Annabel’s performances are characterised by rich tonal colours, clear narrative arcs and an intriguing sense of musicality.

Highland FM’s 100% Home-Grown Artist of the Month, Annabel Wouters embodies local talent, inspiring audiences with her exceptional musical gifts nurtured within our community. Her artistry is a testament to the vibrant creativity flourishing in our own backyard.


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Annabelle Wouters – Sizzle

Annabel Wouters – Zoom Tube (Ian Clarke)

Annabel Wouters – The Great Train Race (Ian Clarke)

Annabel Wouters – Hysterical Penguins (Roland Chadwick)

Annabel Wouters & Suzanne Cowan – Danny Boy (Duet)

Annabel Wouters & Suzanne Cowan – Tingo Lingo (Duet)

Annabel Wouters & Suzanne Cowan – Allegro – JJ Quantz (Duet)

Annabel Wouters & Suzanne Cowan – The Birdcatcher (Mozart) (Duet)