Artist of the Month: Darren Powell

Our 100% Home-Grown Artist Of The Month is Southern Highlands crooning maestro, Darren Powell.

Throughout the month, Highland FM 107.1 will serenade your soul with classic tunes including the smooth elegance of ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’, the sentimental melody of ‘Sway’ and the nostalgic harmony of ‘Wonderful World’, all recorded in the Studios of Highland FM.

Darren Powell, the consummate multi instrumentalist and flugelhorn virtuoso, is the true epitome of musical versatility.

Hailing from the Southern Highlands his artistic expression draws from the timeless legends of musical elegance, embodying the spirit and finesse of icons like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Chet Baker, Louis Armstrong and the contemporary allure of Michael Bublé. With a masterful command of various instruments, Darren orchestrates harmonious symphonies that transport listeners to the golden age of smooth crooning, evoking nostalgia and delight in equal measure.

A journeyman of musical enchantment, Darren’s path has been graced by the mesmerising stages of Australia’s most distinguished venues. Notably, Darren’s melodic prowess recently enchanted audiences in the idyllic surrounds of Noosa and the illustrious Parri Estate Vineyard, nestled amidst the picturesque splendor of McLaren Vale in South Australia, where his performance transcended the ordinary and embraced the extraordinary.

Just like the Rat Pack of old, Darren brings a touch of humour and companionship to his performances. His on stage banter and infectious charm would make even Sinatra himself crack a smile, turning every show into a memorable, laughter filled event that perfectly complements the soulful tunes. Darren Powell, a maestro of musical artistry, continues to serenade hearts across the Southern Highlands, leaving a trail of captivated admirers in his wake.

Darren’s enchanting melodies are a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft and his performances are a delightful blend of timeless classics and lighthearted entertainment.


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Darren Powell – Unforgettable

Darren Powell – Bye Bye Blackbird

Darren Powell – Can’t Help Falling In Love

Darren Powell – Let’s Get Lost

Darren Powell – Piano Man

Darren Powell – I Remember Clifford

Darren Powell – Sway

Darren Powell – What A Wonderful World

Darren Powell- That’s Amore

Darren Powell – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Darren Powell – White Christmas