Artist of the Month: Loki Hines

Our 100% Home-Grown Artist Of The Month is Southern Highlands’ singer/songwriter, guitarist and soulful lyricist, Loki Hines.

Highland FM 107.1 will fill your month with a musical lineup featuring Loki’s heartfelt tales which include ‘Keep On Going’, the resonating ‘Fairyland’ and the reflective narrative of ‘Am I To Blame’, all recorded in the Studios of Highland FM.

Loki Hines, hailing from Robertson in the Southern Highlands of NSW, is a gifted singer/songwriter weaving contemporary Americana roots with an indie folk vibe. A mesmerising presence, Loki radiates on stage, showcasing his guitar skills with artistic brilliance. His musical path has graced venues across Australia and beyond, crafting a captivating odyssey of performances.

Following the soaring success of his maiden EP, ‘Wildfire’, Loki burst into the Australian airwaves with his chart topping track ‘Running Out Of Time’, engaging audiences not only in Australia but also compelling listeners in Canada, Ireland and the UK.

Loki’s musical talents have illuminated stages alongside esteemed artists including Kasey and Bill Chambers, Brandon Dodd, Kim Churchill, Daniel Champagne, Shaun Kirk, Steve Smyth, Ryan Keen and more, showcasing his collaborative nature and musical adaptability.

Fresh from the success of his EP, Loki is back in the studio teaming up with acclaimed artists Jeff McCormack, Evan Mannel and producer Brandon Dodd from the Rabbit Hole Recording Studio. Collectively, they’re putting together Loki’s self titled debut album, scheduled for release in early 2024, hinting at an exciting musical journey ahead.

Throughout 2024, you can catch Loki enchanting audiences across the South Coast, Southern Highlands, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. His performances boast a fusion of original compositions and soulful renditions of well loved covers, promising an unforgettable musical experience.


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Loki Hines – (E) Am I To Blame (Recorded in the Studios of Highland FM)

Loki Hines – Fairyland (Recorded in the studios of HighlandFM)

Loki Hines – Running Out Of Time (Recorded in the Studios of Highland FM)

Loki Hines – Keep On Going (Recorded in the Studios of Highland FM)

Loki Hines – (E) Mona (Recorded in the Studios of Highland FM)

Loki Hines EP

Loki Hines – (E) Am I To Blame

Loki Hines – Running Out Of Time

Loki Hines – (E) Mona

Loki Hines – (E) The One

Loki Hines – Watching It Over