June Artist of the Month: Garth Prentice

Garth Prentice, Highland FM’s 100% Home-Grown Artist of the Month, offers a fresh perspective on the musical landscape. From the mysterious tales painted in ‘HTFU’ to the immersive storytelling of ‘One Stop Conversation Shop’ and the sun kissed funky nostalgia of ‘Australia in the Summertime,’ Prentice’s music presents a kaleidoscope of emotions and experiences.

Garth Prentice, a dynamic singer-songwriter, vocalist and guitarist from Goulburn, NSW, infuses his music with a distinct country vibe, influenced by his upbringing in Tamworth. His years in Newcastle have further shaped his unique blend of Americana and blues styles. For over a decade, Garth has rocked audiences with his performances in pub bands and solo sets, seamlessly combining pop, blues, rock, country and funk.

His debut album, “Welcome to G-Town,” is now streaming on all platforms and he continues to drop fresh tracks throughout 2024. Beyond the studio, Garth shares his passion as a music educator, shaping aspiring musicians through guitar tuition and mentorship programs. Holding the reins as Head of Contemporary Music at the Hume Conservatorium, he’s been the driving force behind nurturing and unleashing the youth talent in the vibrant Goulburn scene.

Garth has shown his versatility through collaborations on albums with “The Mike Baker Organ Trio” and “Charlotte Lock.” Named the 2024 Artist in Residence for Southern Tablelands Arts and The Crisp Galleries, his creativity knows no bounds. Explore Garth Prentice’s music and latest works to gain an exclusive insight into what distinguishes him from his contemporaries.



Audio Engineer: Stephen Lindsay

Covid Chronicles

Garth Prentice – Burn Baby (Covid Chronicles)

Garth Prentice – Portrait Picturesque Piallaway (Covid Chronicles)

Garth Prentice – One Stop Conversation Shop (Covid Chronicles)

Garth Prentice – You’re Gonna Love Me (Welcome to G-Town)

Garth Prentice – Wait Around (Welcome to G-Town)

Garth Prentice – HTFU (Welcome to G-Town)

Garth Prentice – 9 O’Clock (Welcome to G-Town)

Garth Prentice – Australia In The Summer Time (Welcome to G-Town)