Artist of the Month: Joss Walsh

Our 100% Home-Grown Artist Of The Month is Southern Highlands singer/songwriter and guitarist, Joss Walsh.  Her songs carry raw, honest expressions that cut through the noise of mainstream music.

Embark on a vibrant journey as Highland FM 107.1 guides you through the indie realm of Joss’s captivating tunes including “Like That”, the edgy grunge vibes of “Rent Free” and the emotionally resonant notes of ‘Mindset’, all recorded in the Studios of Highland FM 107.1

At fifteen years of age, Joss Walsh is already a standout promising talent.  

From the Southern Highlands of NSW she began her musical journey as a vocalist, discovering her passion for storytelling through songwriting. Joss began playing the guitar when she was only 10 and crafted her first serious composition at twelve, following up with four more originals the same year.

Joss made her stage debut in Tasmania at the Huon Valley Mid Winter Festival at the age of thirteen with a showcase repertoire of five originals and various covers. Despite her reserved nature, she adeptly channels her craft to articulate her thoughts, creating songs that capture the essence of her challenges and triumphs.

Since 2022, Joss has been a student of Wingecarribee Vocal Muster and has performed at both private and public events, including performances at the Berrima Vault House, the Ngununggula Mid Winter Festival and the Tulip Time Festival in Bowral

To add to her musical achievments, Joss participated in Highland FM’s music workshops, including the 100% Home-Grown Youth songwriting and performance school holiday courses. This further honed her skills and broadened her artistic horizons.

Highland FM 107.1 is proud to present Joss and play a role in her artistic evolution. We eagerly anticipate her continued growth and development as a highly successful artist in the years ahead.


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Joss Walsh – On My Mind

Joss Walsh – Phases

Joss Walsh – Rent Free

Joss Walsh – Like That

Joss Walsh – Mindset

Joss Walsh – Move On

Joss Walsh – Killing Me Slowly