Artist of the Month: Shardae Ewart

Our 100% Home-Grown Artist Of The Month is the incredibly gifted Southern Highlands singer-songwriter, Shardae Ewart. 

Throughout the month, Highland FM 107.1 will take you on an enchanting musical journey with Shardae as we present a delightful collection of her melodic tracks, including the charming “Life”, “Need Some Rest” and the gritty “Do You Care For Me Too” all recorded in the Studios of Highland FM.

Shardae Ewart is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from the Southern Highlands. Her unique and dynamic voice, combined with her emotive style of songwriting, draws inspiration from both traditional and contemporary artists across a wide range of genres.

Shardae’s performances are characterised by her warm and captivating stage presence. Her commanding sound has the power to capture the attention of any audience, regardless of its size and her performances are always heartfelt and genuine.

With her powerful vocals and impressive guitar skills, Shardae has quickly gained a reputation as a talented and versatile musician in the local music scene. Her ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level makes her performances truly unforgettable.

This exceptional artist is bound to astound you with her extraordinary talent, leaving you craving for more.


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Shardae – Take You With Me

Shardae -Take A Look

Shardae – Help

Shardae – Do You Care For Me Too

Shardae – Amazing

Shardae – Life

Shardae – Know My Mind

Shardae – In My Life

Shardae – Pull You In

Shardae – Need Some Rest

Shardae – The Death of Shizwazza