Artist of the Month: Jo Caseley

Our 100% Home-Grown Artist of the month is Southern Highlands multifaceted artist, Jo Caseley – singer, skilled songwriter, accomplished guitarist, and versatile multi-instrumentalist.

Throughout the month, Highland FM 107.1 will showcase a selection of Jo’s music including the masterfully crafted “Keep The Wolves from the Door” and “Ain’t Love the Sweetest Thing” from her second studio album “Albany” and her sweet sounding “The Cattle Truck” and “My Friend the Lesbian”, all recorded in the Studios of Highland FM.

Jo Caseley is a talented singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who can captivate audiences with her soulful voice and ability to convey a range of emotions through her music.

She can deliver a variety of vocal styles, from a soulful jazz-inflected croon to a raunchy country-rock holler and sweet country-pop serenades, all with convincing authenticity. Her music is also defined by her affecting stories, making her a manifold and endlessly fascinating songwriter.

Influenced by musicians such as John Prine, Gillian Welch, Paul Kelly, and Kasey Chambers, Jo Caseley has developed a style that is both humble and authentic. She has spent over 20 years touring pubs and clubs nationally, but now prefers a quieter setting to showcase her intimate songs. She has built a platform where her music can be appreciated. Her performances have attracted some of the best blues/roots and country music artists, including Bill Chambers, Kevin Bennett, Allan Caswell, and Harry Hookey.

Jo Caseley, who was the 2023 Senior Graduate of the Academy of Country Music and a top 5 Finalist in the TSA Salute Awards, will release her third album, High on Heartstrings, under her own independent label, Flynnella Records. The album’s first single, Houseless Never Homeless, which was co-written with Bill Chambers ten years ago, is expected to be released in April 2023. The album was recorded at The Rabbit Hole Recording Studio and features Kasey Chambers band members, including Kasey’s father Bill Chambers and Brandon Dodd on guitars and drums, Jeff McCormack on bass, and Syd Green, who co-produced the album along with Brandon Dodd.

Jo’s previous two self-released albums, Albany (2016) and Dusty Dirt Track (2010), are available for purchase through her website or on all streaming platforms.

Overall, Jo Caseley is an emotive singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who is capable of moving her audience with her music and her upcoming album “High on Heartstrings” is highly anticipated by her fans.

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Adam chats to our March Artist of the Month, Jo Caseley.


Jo Caseley – Keep The Wolves From The Door – Album Albany

Jo Caseley – Baby Don’t You Love Me – Album Albany

Jo Caseley – Ain’t Love The Sweetest Thing – Album Albany

Jo Caseley – Albany – Album Albany

Jo Caseley – Dreamin’ Bout The River – Ablum Albany


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Jo Caseley – Breed Recorded in the studios of Highland FM

Recorded in the studios of Highland FM

Jo Caseley – My Friend The Lesbian Recorded in the studios of Highland FM

Recorded in the studios of Highland FM

Jo Caseley – The Cattle Truck Recorded in the studios of Highland FM

Recorded in the studios of Highland FM