Our 100% Home-Grown Artist Of The Month for March is Two If By Sea. Throughout the month, Highland FM 107.1 will showcase the original music from this musical local duo.

Lea Steed will introduce our feature Artist Of The Month on Highland FM’s award winning 100% Home-Grown program on Saturday 5 March between 5-7pm. Lea will interview Trent from Two If By Sea and feature their music, including their mesmeric single Autumn.

If you like what you hear, you can discover more about our feature artist on this page, find out how they got into music, what makes them tick and listen to their latest releases on demand.

To hear more local artists, go to MusicNSW Spotify playlist for our region, or check out Southern Tablelands Arts Music page.

Artist of the Month on 100% Home-Grown

Artist of the Month

Two If By Sea, powered by the wonderful virtuosic sounds of Rachel Johnston and Trent Arkleysmith, perform a mix of folk, bluegrass and original acoustic music. A touch of swing, a tasty combination of guitar, mandolins, cellos and sweet harmony singing make for the unique sound of Two If By Sea.

Trent Arkleysmith and Rachel Johnston started their musical lives studying classical Cello and then took dramatically different paths. Trent ran away with the circus and spent many years performing in various circus, theatre, music comedy and street theatre productions around Australia, Europe and Asia. Rachel studied classical cello at conservatories in the UK, Europe and USA before coming to Australia to play in the Australian String Quartet.

Rachel and Trent draw in audiences with their mixture of original and traditional tunes drawn from Celtic Scandinavian, Eastern European folk, bluegrass and new acoustic music. All make for pure listening pleasure.

Music Releases

Two if by Sea – Da Slockit Light

Two if by Sea-Da Slockit Light

Two if by Sea – Fish and Bird

Two if by Sea-Fish and Bird

Two if by Sea – Panning

Two if by Sea-Panning

Two if by Sea – St. Anne’s Reel

Two if by Sea-St. Annes Reel


As featured on 100% Home-Grown, Michael Simic, Regional Music Officer, MusicNSW chats with Adam Stokeld about Highland FM’s Artist of the Month Initiative.  Click on the tab below to hear the full interview.

100% Home-Grown Artist Of the Month Michael Simic MUSICNSW

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