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Welcome to Highland FM’s 100% Home-Grown, a page dedicated to giving a voice to the rich diversity of contemporary Australian musicians and songwriters.

Local song makers help tell our stories, contribute to our culture and give voice to our communities.

Each month Highland FM will feature a local artist selected from the MusicNSW playlist for our region, including live interviews, performances new releases and more.

Our 100% Home-Grown Artist Of The Month for February is Speed Dial. Throughout the month, Highland FM 107.1 will showcase the original music from this seven-piece Southern Highlands band.

Lea Steed will introduce our feature Artist Of The Month on Highland FM’s award winning 100% Home-Grown program on Saturday 5 January between 5-7pm. Lea will interview Will and Olivia from Speed Dial and feature their music, including the single Help Me Out.

If you like what you hear, you can discover more about our feature artist on this page, find out how they got into music, what makes them tick and listen to their latest releases on demand. 

To hear more local artists, go to MusicNSW Spotify playlist for our region, or check out Southern Tablelands Arts Music page.

Artist of the Month on 100% Home-Grown

Artist of the Month

Highland FM’s 100% Home-Grown feature artist is Speed Dial

If you have heard the band Speed Dial, you’ll agree that their sound mixes modern elements akin to the Arctic Monkeys and Phoebe Bridgers while staying true to the legends like The Beatles, Bowie, and Led Zeppelin. Although these influences, Speed Dial, whose band members (from NSW’s Southern Highlands) include Indianna Gregg, Lauren Vella, Rhys Gardiner, Will Preddey, Wyatt Hodges, and Emerson Williams, has produced its own unique sound which is identifiably the sound of Speed Dial.

In 2021, the band released its first EP which has seen its audience grow in Australia and overseas. With new music being released, the band’s wide appeal will continue to elevate Speed Dial’s popularity to an audience favourite.

“A great sound, rhythm and harmony have found their way”

Highland FM 107.1

Speed Dial’s EP is available via Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. Follow the band @OfficialSpeedDial on Instagram


  • Over 10,000 streams on Spotify
  • Live performance at the Southern Highlands Youth Concert
  • Live gigs around the Southern Highands

Music Releases

Speed Dial – Help Me Out

Speed Dial – Help Me Out

Speed Dial – Blinded

Speed Dial-Blinded

Speed Dial – Get Away From Me

Speed Dial-Get Away From Me

Speed Dial – Your Dreams

Speed Dial-Your Dreams

Speed Dial – You Can Tell By The Weather

Speed Dial-You Can Tell By The Weather


Will and Olivia talk to Lea Steed about Speed Dial’s unique sound, how the band formed and the great friendship that binds the seven band members. Click on the tab below to hear the full interview, as recorded in Highland FM’s 100% Home-Grown studios.

100% Home-Grown interview with Will and Olivia from Speed Dial

Interview With Speed Dial


As featured on 100% Home-grown on Saturday 5 February, Michael Simic, Regional Music Officer at MusicNSW chats with Lea Steed about Highland FM’s new Artist of the Month for February – Speed Dial.

Michael also chats about the 100% Home-Grown Live Concert initiative and how local musician’s are supported by a month-long feature on community radio. Click on the tab below to hear the full interview.

100% Home-Grown interview with Michael Simic from MUSIC NSW

Interview With Michael Simic


As featured on 100% Home-Grown, Michael Simic, Regional Music Officer, MusicNSW chats with Adam Stokeld about Highland FM’s Artist of the Month Initiative.  Click on the tab below to hear the full interview.

100% Home-Grown Artist Of the Month Michael Simic MUSICNSW

MusicNSW, Southern Tablelands Arts and Southern Highland News are working with Highland FM to give a voice to our local musicians and songwriters.

You can catch all the latest releases, interviews and new Australian music from the Amrap catalogue every Thursday and Saturday on Highland FM’s award winning program, 100% Home-Grown. The program is dedicated to supporting independent Australian artists.


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