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  • Bald & The Beautiful: 100% Home-Grown

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    May Artist of the Month: Bald & The Beautiful

    Throughout May, Highland FM 107.1 will spotlight the Southern Highlands derived trio, Bald & The Beautiful. With lyrics dripping in cynicism and sarcasm and Saul Burgess’ distinctive voice weaving tales of illusion and desire, the band draws listeners into a world where nothing is quite as it seems.

    Featuring authentic original tracks like the smokey jazz tones of “Swings Like a Gate,” the seductive allure of ‘Snake Oil Clown’ and the magnetic pull of ‘Help Her’, this 100% Home-Grown collection of gritty compositions was recorded under the masterful eye of Stephen Lindsay at Old Binda Road Recording Studios in Crookwell.

    Enter the enigmatic trio, Bald & The Beautiful, whose music outruns mere notes and chords. With a masterful blend of even tempered composure and tensioned restraint, their originality invites listeners on an odyssey through the depths of human experience.

    Crafting secretive lyrical content from deep seated experiences, the band dishes out their messages over the grail of guitar, bass and drums with a sly finesse. Their music is a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from pressurised intensity to charming allure, from shocking revelations to soul searching introspection, keeping you hooked at every twist and turn.

    Bald & The Beautiful emerged from the fertile grounds of the vibrant 80s music scene, comprised of lifelong friends, Saul Burgess on vocals and lead guitar, Greg Whitford anchors the bass and David Sell fuels the drums. Absorbing influences ranging from Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan to Ian Dury and The Cure, they’ve sculptured a sound that’s impossibe to pin down, one that defies categorisation.

    Reunited in 2016, their synergy has only deepened, resulting in a silent understanding that infuses their original music. With 100% Home-Grown authenticity, Bald & The Beautiful invite you to explore their sonic landscape, where every note reveals and every lyric evokes imagery.


    Audio Engineer: Stephen Lindsay
    Mastered: Warren ‘Wazz’ Barnett
    Produced: Adam Stokeld

    Bald & The Beautiful – Help Her

    Bald & The Beautiful – Snake Oil Clown

    Bald & The Beautiful – Backroom Intro

    Bald & The Beautiful – Honest Prayer

    Bald & The Beautiful – Swings Like A Gate

    Bald & The Beautiful – I Been Down

    Bald & The Beautiful – Too Good

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